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Miłuki 1/11
12-130 Pasym

GPS 53.677245, 20.744785
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Kathi Poplawski,
Marianna Kobialek


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the holiday home Marianna located?

Ferienhaus Marianna is located in a region called “Warmia i Mazury” in Poland. It is situated in a forest, just a 5-minute walk from the lake “Kalwa”.

Feel free to use Google Maps® to see the exact location. Ferienhaus Marianna´s address was already indexed by Google® and can be found on Google Maps®. You can also use the Google” Plus Code MPGV+VW Krzywonoga, Poland. Alternatively you can use the longitude and latitude: 53.677327, 20.744690. Happy exploring!

What is included in the price (daily rate)?

The price includes basically everything, meaning the rental, wood for the fire place, electicity, inhouse sauna, 2 bikes etc.
In general we rent out the whole cottage with al its amenities, for up to 7-8 people.
For the stated price your will receive a nice cottage in a beautiful forest at the lake, privacy, nature and tranquility.

Where can I book the Feriehaus Marianna?

Good questions! The holiday home Marianna is bookable on the main online reservation platforms, e.g., Home Away (FeWo-Direkt), Airbnb und TUI Ferienhaus. Just search on Google “Ferienhaus Marianna in Masuria” and you should find us on the online booking platforms. Alternatively you can also book directly with us, just send us a message using the contact form in this page and we will get in touch with you! via mail or phone!

What are the terms of cancellation?

The Ferienhaus Marianna has similar or almost similar canellation policies across all channels (online reservation platforms). As this is a cottage in a remote area and not a “frequently visited hostel in Berlin-Mitte”, we cannot offer any “free cancellation” or “last minute deals”. We are sure you understand! For more details please visit the respective online reservation platform and go to the cancellation policy section. 

What s the maximum occupancy at the holiday home Marianna?

Theoretically the cottage has place for up to 10 persons, but we set the max. occupany at 7-8 persons, because we would like to maintain a certain comfort standard at the cottage so that you as our guests can feel comfortable and cosy during your stay at Ferienhaus Marianna!

Is there a minimum stay?

Very good question! Yes, there is a minimum stay. As mentioned before, it is a cottage in the woods and not a frequently visited hostel in Berlin-Mitte. We preapare the cottage before your visit with a lot of effort, care and love. The minimum stay is 5 nights. Most of our guests stay for 5, 7 or 14 nights.

How and where do I get the keys?

The time of key delivery depends of course on your time of arrival. Usually the check-in time starts at 3pm and lasts until 7pm. So you have enough time for your evening activities. The cottage does not have a 24 hours reception. But don´t worry! We are flexible and we keep in touch regaring your time of arrival. The key hand-over is at the cottage at your time of arrival, ideally between 3pm  and 7pm.

When is check-in and check-out?

On your day of arrival the holiday home Marianna is prepared and ready for your starting at 3pm (check-in).
During your date of departure we ask you to be ready at 11am at the latest (check-out), so that our cleaning team has enough time to prepare the house for the next guests (possibly arriving at the same day).

What can we do at the Ferienhaus Marianna? What activities and attractions are there?

Great questions! Thank you. Frankly, there are so many things you could to there, that listing them here would be pretty extensive. Feel free to visit our social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest or Tumblr for a quick overview. There you will find many pictures of activities and it´s a great source of inspirations. We send our guest a list of our personal “recommendations” before each arrival in order to support them in their holiday planning process. As mentined before, the list would be super long: taking the rowing boat for a ride on lake Kalwa, kajaking, going on a mushroom foray, hiking, fishing (e.g. pike), watching the stars at night, making a camp fire, barbeque, renting out quads and taking a wild ride, tennis and much more!

Can we take our pets?

Yes, Ferienhaus Marianna is pet-friendly.

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Holiday home Marianna


Miłuki 1/11
12-130 Pasym

(directly next to the village Krzywonoga)
GPS 53.677245, 20.744785

Google Maps
➡️  Ferienhaus Marianna




Katharina Poplawski (DE, PL, EN)
+48 884 852 087

Marianna Kobialek (PL)
+48 660 248 541




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